Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Builder

If you have decided that it is time to update and renovate your house, be it for giving your home a fresh look or for preparing it for an open-house and get a good price for it, then you surely know that one of the most challenging aspects of home remodeling is choosing the right builder. You can easily save a lot of time and heartache by simply asking your builder several vital questions before signing the contract, questions that are aimed at the experience, professionalism, rates and work ethics of the constructor. Here is the list of questions:

1. How Long Will The Project Last? 

Living in a home that is under maintenance can be very stressful, as the access to certain areas of your house will be restricted. This is why it is essential to ask your builder from the beginning how long this period is expected to last, just to avoid any unpleasant situation.

2. May I See Your Recent Projects? 

Nowadays, every builder has a portfolio of the recently finished projects, and this will certainly help you make a general idea about the builder’s skills and experience. Besides this, you might even get some ideas and inspiration from these projects – however, make sure to pay attention not just to the design, but also to the work patterns and the quality of the products and the finished work. Also, it is highly recommended to ask the builder to provide you with several references as well, just to get some feedback about customer satisfaction and experience.

3. Will You Offer Me A List Of Materials?

If you want to use products of the highest quality, it is best if you bought them yourself. Although in some cases, builders have contracts and partnerships with different hardware stores and stores that sell construction supplies and can help you buy the materials at a lower price, the only way to be 100% sure about the material quality is to buy them yourself. Ask the builder to offer you a specification sheets of all the materials. However, if you let the builder make the choice on your behalf, then at least make sure to ask for an actual sample.

4. Are You Licensed?

Only hire licensed and certified builders, because working with an inexperienced and unlicensed builder can cost you a lot of money in the long run. If you are too ashamed to ask your builder this question, although you should not be because in the end, you want the best quality for your money, you can easily check the builder’s license on the Internet.

5. Will You Do The Work All By Yourself Or Hire Sub-Contractors?

This is yet another essential question that you need to ask your builder. It would be worthless to hire a licensed and experienced contractor, with hundreds of marvelous reviews, if he hires sub-contractors to do all the work, sub-contractors that you know absolutely nothing about. There are many reputable builders in Christchurch, but not all of them manage and complete the construction project promptly.